Hanks Just Revealed Disgusting Obama Did On Private Vacay With Him That Ended Their Friendship

Tom Hanks has spent time with tons of famous celebrities. The two most famous people he’s ever hung out with are Wilson the volleyball and now former President Barack Obama. While most people would rather sit down with Wilson, Hanks settled for the latter and went on vacation with Obama. It was Hanks, the Obama family, Bruce Springsteen, and Oprah. I can’t imagine a vacation with that cast is either enjoyable or tolerable. It just sounds like the sinking of the Titanic all over again. There’s a good reason I’d rather spend time with a volleyball that has a marker face.

To much shock, Tom Hanks has talked about his vacation and it seems like even he would’ve rather been castaway in real life and stranded on a deserted island than spend time with the Obama’s, Oprah, and liberal whiner Springsteen.

The excitement began when they landed in the Polynesian islands to go on a bike ride. Seems like Springsteen sat this one out, but the Obama’s, Oprah, and Hanks joined the Secret Service on some rented bikes that you could apparently not even deliver newspapers on. I guess they were seeing what it’s like to be real people who have bikes with rusty chains and mismatched parts.

“An array of bikes have been procured for us, rented from all corners of Polynesia and Tahiti, Bora Bora,” said Hanks. He then said that everyone got on their bikes — including the Secret Service — and left Hanks in the dust. It only got worse when he looked down and realized what he was left with.

He called it an “undersized girls’ bike (with only) one gear.” Furthermore, he said it was coated in rust and would have been difficult to even deliver newspapers with this bike.

This is where Tom Hanks should’ve dropped the bike on the ground, found a marker, and started naming inanimate objects. Talking to rocks sounds like more fun than riding a rusty little bike through an island. If Oprah is ahead of you on a bike, then you’re either a sloth on wheels or the most nonathletic person on history. I’d like to think Hanks could keep up with Oprah on a bike, but I guess when he’s given a one gear turd, then he’s gonna trail behind like the fat kid at a BMX race.

Hanks then discloses that he tried talking about politics with Obama and was hushed several times per day with the “this is classified” line which typically ends a conversation faster than illegal immigrants sprint across the border at wee hours of the night.

What was the point of the trip? Hanks can’t have conversations, gets thrown on a girl’s bike, and basically feels like an awkward 5th wheel among a group of people he clearly doesn’t resonate with. Some people suggest that Obama has trips with celebrities to throw his agenda in their face and hope that the celebrities relay the message to their millions of fans. For example, if Bruce Springsteen Tweets something about Trump, then just over a million followers have potential to see the message. Then if those people share it and his Tweet goes viral, then Obama’s original message, as Tweeted by Springsteen, has now achieved an extra reach well over 1 million people. Why can’t Obama Tweet messages about Trump himself? He can, but by talking to celebrities, he increases his reach by millions. Not everyone who follows Obama, follows Oprah or Springsteen. This is Obama pushing his agenda on celebrities, then celebrities pushing the agenda on fans.

We have to wonder why Hanks was treated this way on the trip. One thing that we do know is that they have a specific reason for meeting up with these very powerful and rich people. Obama was trying to sell the idea of Trump being a bad president to the group. We know that this happened because Obama encouraged Bruce Springsteen to write an anti-Trump song. Bruce did it, and then released it not long after their trip. Obviously, there were conversations taking place behind the scenes that we don’t know about.

There are people that know more than they are saying regarding this trip. We are happy to see that Hanks came forward. It would be interesting to see what would happen if Oprah came forward and told us more about the trip. Obama tried to make it his mission to stop Trump. There was a CLEAR and BLATANT attempt to try to throw the election one way.

Obama was unsuccessful in throwing the election in the direction of the democrats. He wasn’t a big enough influence. His strategy was smart, but it didn’t reach the number of people needed to pull Hillary enough votes to win. Perhaps he should’ve reached out to some younger celebrities that the right wing voters more align themselves with.

If you want a better message, then something by a liberal celebrity trashing Trump, then follow me instead. I don’t have a blue check, but I can verify that Bruce Springsteen is a loser for writing an anti-Trump song.

I would have dinner with volleyball twins named Wilson and Tachikara before sitting down with Springsteen the dunce.

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