Hannity Just Identified Who He Thinks Trump Should Pick For VP…And He’s Probably Right

With the race now between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the correct Vice Presidential pick could be the deciding factor in swaying undecided voters over to one side.

Among the candidates that have been floated around thus far for Hillary Clinton include Elizabeth Warren (yikes), Tim Kaine, Julian Castro, and Bernie Sanders (double yikes). The other day Ben Carson casually leaked Trump’s picks; among them being Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Chris Christie.

It may be none of them in the end however, as TPNN reports:

It’s been widely discussed that Donald Trump supporter and surrogate Ben Carson may have leaked the names of five people on the short list to be the presumptive Republican nominee’s vice presidential pick.

But one person whose name was not on that supposed list — a former presidential candidate who has been firmly in the Trump camp for quite a while — appears to be the favorite of a prominent Fox News anchor.

Sean Hannity has been a stalwart supporter of Trump’s campaign to become the 2016 Republican nominee. Now the host of “Hannity” has an idea about who best fits the bill to become Trump’s running mate in the general election, and he’s not shy about putting that name forward.

So who is it, you may be wondering?

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich appeared during a segment on Hannity’s Monday show to discuss a variety of topics, including The New York Times‘ attempt to smear the billionaire businessman’s name with a controversial front page story about his former girlfriends and female associates. The two also discussed Mitt Romney’s disturbing attempt to push for a third party candidate to disrupt a potential Trump win in the general election.

When the conversation turned to who Trump should choose as a vice presidential candidate, Hannity chimed in with his thoughts.

“Donald Trump says he wants to hire the best,” he began, adding “You were successful. Trump likes successful people.”

While Gingrich’s name hasn’t come up much, he’s surprisingly been the favorite. In fact, a website that calculates the odds various candidates have of being chosen for the VP slot (electionbettingodds.com) shows that those putting their money where their mouths are think Gingrich will be the VP.


Gingrich would be a fantastic choice – especially considering that he was able to keep a different Clinton in check during the nineties.

Now let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Hillary chooses a godawful VP.

Watch Hannity’s interview with Gingrich here:

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