It Happened Again Yesterday! Hillary’s Health Fails In Florida (VIDEO)

Has everyone forgotten about Hillary’s health?

Just months ago, it was all everyone was talking about. And for good reason.

The drudge report reported on an image appearing to show Hillary needing help up a flight of stairs from her secret service handlers. Could Hillary do as much as climb a flight of stairs by herself?

Such questions sparked an enormous deal of speculation into the question of Hillary’s health. Why the heck does she cough so much, and what’s with her exaggerated emotions?

All concerns seemed to be validated on September 11th when Hillary collapsed while leaving the 9/11 memorial early. After cycling through a number of excuses, she settled on claiming to have had a pneumonia diagnosis the Friday prior. If that was true, it’s a fact the public would’ve never known about had Hillary not passed out publicly.

Since then, we haven’t heard much about Hillary’s health. Could that be because she someone managed to get through three debates without a coughing fit, fainting incident, or mini-seizure? Perhaps – but her health problems do persist.

As the Political Insider reported:

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted something interesting at Hillary Clinton’s campaign rally in Florida yesterday.

As Hillary walks out waving to the crowd, she stops at a platform and turns around looking for someone to help her step onto it. Luckily for her an aide has dashed over, already anticipating that she will need help getting up what the American Mirror estimates is an 18 inch step.

Check out the raw footage below:

Speaking of Hillary’s health, here are some more examples documented by the Political Insider:

She hounds Trump for not releasing his tax returns – but aren’t her health records much more important? After all, Hillary is bad enough, but do we really want Tim Kaine as President?

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