Happy New Year From President Donald J. Trump!

Donald Trump celebrated New Year’s Eve in Florida at the Mar-A-Lago. However, Donald Trump did what he does second best – he Tweeted.


You know what this means, right? This Tweet is probably offensive to some rat faced liberal, Skrillex haircut having feminist, or angry social justice warrior, or ditzy weakling beta male college snowflake.

No matter what Trump says, it’s bound to be offensive to most liberals. I bet there’s some dumbass out there who says “well not everyone in America is American” and to that, I say screw you. No one cares about the absolute indirect actual meaning of this. Trump just wished everyone in America a happy new year and used a key phrase that leftists will ignore. Trump said “WORK TOGETHER” and of course, people will ignore that part while focusing on his “AMERICANS ONLY” part and crying about how it doesn’t include that one French family who’s visiting for the holidays. Or that one Asian family who goes to Times Square each NYE. Or that one…oh enough already!

Trump wishes everyone a happy new year.

Let’s leave it at that and work together.

We can’t have progress without unity and the only people hindering that is the wicked wombats on the left.

Will I ever work with liberals and democrats? Sure. I don’t really care. As long as they’re not whining about something stupid, then sure. The moment they start complaining about micro-transgressions or something snowflakey, that’s the moment I punch them out.

I’ll work with anyone to make America great again.

Actually, I’ll work with anyone to make America more great. We’re already pretty darn great. The main thing we need to fix is eliminating the crybaby agenda from the leftists so that they can see they’re the actual problem.

They blame everyone else, but nope, it’s actually them deflecting their own wrong doings.

Let’s focus on making ourselves great, helping our friends and family, and uniting.

Liberals and democrats – you all need to chill out, stop complaining, grow up, and start acting like adults.

America won’t ever be great for you unless you become adults.

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