Has The U.S. Army Gone Bonkers?, Part 3 – Transgender Pride, Gun-Free Bases, Church is Bad? Huh???

More news continues to show the Army isn't always making sense.

A U.S. Army color guard was prevented from attending an historic church's July 4th Celebration.

Over the last four years, news reports have revealed the U.S. Army is not in tune with the rest of the U.S. The following headlines add to those listed in Part 1, and Part 2, both of which substantiate this Question and indicate that the Army has indeed gone bonkers.

7. Army refuses to provide Honor Guard for church’s July 4th celebration

For almost two decades, the U.S. Army at nearby Fort Gordon, GA., has provided a Color Guard for Abilene Baptist Church during their July 4th Independence Day Celebration. The historic church was founded in 1774 and is the second oldest in Georgia.

However, the Army now says violates a military policy banning any involvement in a religious service.

But “According to public affairs, the 2007 church service was designated by the military as a “non-sectarian musical and patriotic program”. By their calculations, “80 percent of the program was musical and the other 20 percent included narration and other patriotic elements.”

Out to lunch? You make the call.

8. Commission Finds ‘No Compelling Medical Reason’ To Exclude Transgender Americans From Military

President Obama’s latest directive places children at risk via his policy of allowing “transgender” people to choose their bathroom and locker rooms based on “how they feel” about themselves.

But the subject entered the military in 2014 when an independent commission led by Dr. Joycelyn Elders concluded there “is no compelling medical reason” for the U.S. armed forces to prohibit transgender Americans from serving.” The report also states that “15,450 transgender personnel who serve currently in the active, Guard and reserve components” and the average cost of the appropriate surgery is $30,000.

And the Army has set aside June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender/Pride Month.

More recently, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said, “The only barriers we should ever erect to that principle are ones in which there are practical issues that we can’t work through. We do things in a careful, thoughtful manner and I’m confident we’re going to get to the right place.”

However, one might judiciously believe those “practical issues” would involve which bathroom or locker room a soldier uses before any actual surgery takes place.

9. Bowe Bergdahl

In May, 2014, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was sent to an Army hospital in San Antonio, Texas for medical care and counseling resulting from his time in captivity by the Taliban. Then in July, he was reassigned “to a unit responsible for homeland defense, civil support operations and security cooperation programs.”

However, on March 25, 2015, he was charged with “desertion with intent to shirk important or hazardous duty” and “misbehavior before the enemy, endangering the safety of a command, unit or place.” The first charge has a maximum sentence of five years in prison and the second has a maximum of up to life in prison.

However, no trial date has yet been set – until now. The latest news is that his trial will not be convened until next year.

Of course, based upon his actions of releasing five Guantanamo prisoners for Bergdahl’s freedom, President Obama could very well pardon him before any trial takes place. Needless to say, that action would bring about a firestorm by active duty military and veterans alike.

One question though: is not this delay a violation of the 6th Amendment of our Constitution which guarantees the right to a speedy trial?

10. Army Chief of Staff: Bases Should Remain Gun-Free Zones, Concealed Carry Wouldn’t Have Stopped Fort Hood

In one of the most insane and idiotic statements ever made by a military officer, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said about the Fort Hood massacre by Major Nidal Malik Hasan: “…those police responded within 8 minutes … so that’s pretty quick, and a lot of people died in the process of that, but that was a very fast evolving event and I am not convinced from what I know that carrying privately owned weapons would’ve stopped that individual.”

Really? You’re kidding, right? Eight minutes? No weapons available to soldiers to shoot back to defend themselves and their fellow soldiers? How about Milley face the families of the 14 killed or the surviving 32 shooting victims and tell them this little tidbit?

Actually, it sure sounds like General Milley a progressive anti-gun nut.

These ten examples surely indicate that there is much going on in the U.S. Army that doesn’t make sense to many of us. That doesn’t mean similar examples don’t exist in other branches of our military.

However, it does appear that the Army has gone bonkers!

Chuck Yarling has had many titles in his career thus far: veteran, engineer, math teacher, consultant, technical writer, book author and publisher, and triathlete. He was a member the Military Order of the Purple Heart and Bugles Across America, which plays Taps at military funerals and special events. Spec. 5 Chuck Yarling served with the 26th Combat Engineering Battalion in Vietnam as an awards clerk. His service with the U.S. Army resulted in being awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Army Commendation Medal. You may reach Chuck at [email protected]t.com.