HATE CRIME: Black Lives Matter Protesters BRUTALLY Attack White Teens in California

The black economist once joked that he’d been alive for so long that he’s been alive for so long that he remembers when most racists were white.

Riots have broken out in Charlotte, and agitators have taken them to other cities. A 46-year-old white woman and her two teenage daughters said they were viciously assaulted by more than a dozen male and female Black Lives Matter protesters in a racially charged attack Friday night outside a popular Stockton restaurant.

The woman and her young daughters (aged 17 and 19) were jumped by a little over a dozen protesters. The protesters repeatedly punched them in the face, head and ribs, threw water bottles at them, poured water on them and made racist remarks during the assault.

Police did nothing during the assault.

And guess what? They really were attacked for no reason other than them being white. As Breitbart reports:

The protest, which was supposed to be a peaceful vigil remembering Colby, turned into a violent brawl against two teenage girls.

“Our understanding is that it involved several out-of-towners whose intent was more than protesting,” said Ron Freitas, the assistant district attorney for San Joaquin County to CBS 13.

The two sisters suffered non-life threatening injuries to their faces and bodies, CBS 13 reported.

The victims say the attack was racially motivated because they are white, according to police.

Stockton police say that the protesters were associated with the Black Lives Matter movement to protest police shootings against blacks.

CBS 13 found that there is no formal Black Lives Matter group in Stockton, and the Sacramento chapter says that they were not involved in the attacks or the protest.

No charges have been filed against anyone yet, and police are looking through surveillance footage for details about how the violence unfolded.

This myth of an inherently racist America, of systemic racism in law enforcement and an innate racism, not to mention white privilege, is ultimately what let to the brutal anti-white hate crime in California, the riots in Charlotte, and inevitably, more violence in the future.

For decades now, the black community, largely concentrated in America’s inner cities, has been trained by the Left to act as victims, to believe they are being constantly strangled by the invisible hand of racism. They believe they are largely hated by whites, while left-wing academics, liberals in the media, and politicians like Hillary Clinton who prattle on about white privilege and systemic racism only seem to confirm it.

It’s time for this nonsense to stop. This ideology of victim hood is bad for everyone – especially the black community.

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