HATE CRIME IGNORED: Gunman Screams Racial Slurs And Then Opens Fire On Mother And Baby

Yet again we find another hate crime swept under the rug because it was against a caucasian. Black Privilege is real..

via Stop Hate Crime: On October 16th, 2015 a black male pulled up alongside Amanda Frey, a white female , in a Bradenton, Florida parking lot. He screamed racial slurs and then fired a gun at her three times. The woman had a one year old baby in the car with her. Bullets tore threw Frey’s car, but none of the occupants were injured.

The perpetrator may have targeted Frey because she has a Confederate flag sticker on her car. For months, major national media outlets and major left-wing organizations have been running a racially charged campaign to demonize all supporters of the Confederate flag.

This attempted double murder took place a month and a half ago and we are just now hearing about it.That is because the story received almost no media coverage at all. A search on Google News and Bing News yields one single article. Channel 9, a local station, ran a lone article on it. In their article they censor the race of the shooter, even though the media outlet states that the shooter has been identified. Channel 9 also uses insults the victim by suggesting her Confederate sticker “provoked” the attack.

Meanwhile the national media has made major news stories out of white people simply displaying a Confederate flag in public.

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