Head of Border Control Comes Forward To DIRECTLY Address Obama, Reveals Border Bombshell

America has TONS of illegal immigrants and the Chief of Border Patrol isn’t very happy. He went on record to address President Obama’s policies, which have created the opportunity for record numbers of illegal immigrants to swarm the country and hide in every nook and cranny.

Some of the illegal immigrants are OK, even though the should’ve went the legal route to get in, but there’s a large portion who are criminals and that’s the major problem. America needs tough borders and the ability to keep the criminal immigrants away, while taking the productive and peaceful immigrants without a problem.

When the illegal immigrants sneak in, they’re bringing children with them, which is resulting in border patrol manpower being used to run the equivalent of day care systems for immigrant children. Border patrol agents used to carry guns and flashlights, but now they have bottles and diapers to take care of the mass influx of immigrant children whose parents decided to cross the border illegally and get caught.

I know the immigration process is lengthy, but at least get their names in the system and work towards becoming an American. That system needs to be reworked because there’s no problem with good, hardworking, productive immigrants coming to America. That’s who we want! No problem there if you’re going to work and paying taxes like the rest of us. Come on in, get a job, and let’s party!

Chief Mark Morgan had words for Obama’s border policies that have holes like illegal imported Swiss cheese.



Conservative Daily Post – President Obama’s policies have created porous borders that have witnessed record numbers of illegal immigrants streaming across.

59, 692 undocumented minors surged across the US border during fiscal year 2016. A staggering 77,674 additional people entered as members of a family with children. Obama’s notoriously soft treatment of illegals, particularly children, has sparked a massive influx of undocumented migrants.

Chief Mark Morgan, head of Border Patrol since June, vented his concerns in a heated address to Congress. Trained agents are being forced to lay down their arms and pick up bottles and pacifiers as thousands of unaccompanied minors overwhelm the system.

Men and women capable of protecting the borders are instead being used as reluctant nannies. Hundreds of agents have been shipped to Texas to fill-in as childcare providers.

Here’s a sample of what Obama’s weak border policy has caused. Now there’s thousands of children in a holding area because their parents thought it was a good idea to cross the border and Obama’s policy holds them instead of turning them around to go home.


I don’t want to see kids jailed up like this. That’s a terrible place for kids to be. Let them go and send them home in the direction they came. Give their parents the immigration paperwork on their way out. Let them return when the paperwork is ready and begin the process of becoming an American.

Just do it the right way, that’s all America asks.

Well…that and don’t be a welfare queen with eight kids and seven daddies milking the system for all the tax payer handouts.

We don’t like those people either.

Work and pay taxes like a real American.

I hate taxes, but it comes with my citizenship so I deal with it.

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