Heated exchange: DEA chief tells Congress that agents involved in cartel-provided ‘sex parties’ can’t be fired


From BizPac: Republicans and Democrats in Congress alike are incensed that the Drug Enforcement Administration can’t fire agents who  engaged in “sex parties” alongside the very drug cartel members they were being paid to bring to justice.

At least 10 DEA agents stationed in Bogota, Columbia engaged in the illicit activities using prostitutes supplied by the cartels, according to a Department of Justice report issued late last month.

But the DEA administrator admitted to lawmakers this week that she can’t get rid of the agents involved, according to Fox News.

Fox reported:

The administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Michelle Leonhart, Tuesday faced a grueling three-hour inquisition from the House Oversight Committee over an Inspector General’s report that found DEA agents in Bogota, Colombia, engaged in “sex parties” with prostitutes and that the parties were paid for by the very drug cartels the DEA was sent to fight.

“This behavior is not acceptable,” Leonhart said in her opening statement to the committee. “It is my hope that the additional training and guidance we have provided to all personnel — particularly those stationed overseas — will prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.”

She told the lawmakers that the agents who participated in the parties received what amounted to a slap on the wrist — a maximum two-week suspension — but that they are protected from being fired by civil service rules.

Committee members from both sides of the aisle were outraged.

“That’s what’s happening in your agency!” Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., said. “You’re protecting the people who solicited prostitutes, who had 15 to 20 sex parties, went through this whole operation, and used taxpayer money to do it!”

And then there were the optics received by an American public struggling to pay its bills — particularly after the Secret Service scandal three years ago involving prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia.

“Do you have any idea how absurd all of that sounds to an ordinary human being?” asked Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C.

Right on cue, the American public responded on social media.


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