HEATING UP! Trump Accuses Loretta Lynch Of Taking Bribes From The Clinton’s (VIDEO)

Loretta Lynch has got to regret that private meeting with Bill Clinton right about now…

She was caught in a cache 22. Regardless of what she says about the incident, even she had to admit that it was suspicious. She assured us that she would take whatever action the FBI recommended – though they saved her the awkwardness and did not recommend charges against Hillary.

But that doesn’t mean she had no influence. It seemed like FBI Director James Comey was being held hostage when he was reading the verdict. He essentially debunked every myth Hillary ever put forward about her private email server – then said that there was nothing he could do.

Regardless of the decision favoring Hillary, it’s still giving Trump some ammo on the campaign trail.

Downtrend reports:

At a rally in Raleigh, N.C. on Tuesday night, Donald Trump accused Attorney General Loretta Lynch of essentially accepting a bribe to bury the email investigation. Trump said “I mean the attorney general is sitting there saying, if I get Hillary off the hook, I’m going to have four more years or eight more years. But if she loses, I’m out of a job. It’s a bribe. It’s a disgrace.” Democrats have dismissed the accusations as “conspiracy theories.” Trump also questioned the timing of the announcement by the FBI, it was scheduled on the same day Hillary Clinton and President Obama were slated to campaign together in Charlotte, NC.

Hopefully a President Trump appoints a new Attorney General – one who won’t be paid off so easily.

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