Heinz Is PANICKING After Finding Out What Muslim Workers Slipped In Ketchup Sold To EVERYONE in The US (VIDEO)

Video footage was released online of a Heinz ketchup plant outside of Cairo, Egypt. It immediately went viral and people went ballistic. The video showed employees using rotten tomatoes to make their ketchup. The video shows one man in plain site standing on top of a tomato box while throwing the rotten food into the processing line of the factory.

After the video was released the company scrambled together their public relations department. Eventually, they released a statement to the press where they assured everyone they were one hundred percent committed to quality control.

When the video was released Heinz Egypt didn’t try and deny it was taken at their factory but they did try to say it was edited to the point where it wasn’t entirely real. In their public statement, they said the following,

The edited footage shows an unreal picture and neglects the processing stages, hence gives the wrong impression. t is important for everyone to know that we use only healthy tomatoes, all of which are processed using industry-best standards. As always, we remain 100 percent committed to the cleanliness and quality of our tomatoes and the safety of our consumers.”

The company also said the following to DailyMail,

Safety and quality of our foods is always our first priority. We are aware of recent TV programme and following social media posts making unfounded allegations about the Heinz manufacturing facility in Egypt. We can reassure consumers that the pictures linked to this story do not represent our factory in a truthful way and do not represent the exacting quality standards we follow during our production process. Consumers can continue to enjoy Heinz products in complete confidence.”

When proper quality control is not put in place this isn’t, unfortunately, the result. This is exactly why we should keep our businesses inside the United States where we can ensure better control over the quality of our products.

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