HERE IT IS: Assange Points to ‘Tick Tock’ Email as BIGGEST WIKILEAKS RELEASE YET – We’ve Posted It Here…

Even more information has been leaked prior to election day that is proving to be quite damning. This is saying something, considering that Assange is swearing that the “most interesting” part of what he has on Hillary has yet to be shared with the public.

You know…the special “October” surprise! The one we are all secretly anticipating…

In a recent interview Assange was asked what the most dangerous email to date has contained, and his response seemed to come pretty easily to him when he said it was the emails that discussed Hillary Clinton’s involvement in Libya.

Interestingly enough there were a total of 1700 of those emails, so the expectation is that the special ‘October’ email is going to come with some pretty SHOCKING news.

Especially when you consider the level of… ‘evil’ the Clinton’s can be.

Here is one of those said emails, and in it you will see that the information provided is indeed quite damaging to the former first lady and secretary of state. So much so, that it leads you to think, that October’s reveal is in no doubt going to be HUGE!

CLICK HERE to see email details…

Now, just to translate some of what you have seen in this email, these are the things that Hillary took charge in, that should really be a point of concern for the American people.

* the suspending of operations in the Libyan embassy in Washington
* evacuating the US embassy personnel in Tripoli and closing it down
* obtaining sanctions against Qadhafi and his family
* working to suspend Libya from that of the Human Right Council
* SHE appointed Chris Stevens to be the U.S. representative to Benghazi; engaging with UAE, Qatar, and Jordan to seek out their involvement in coalition operations
* holding meetings with House Dems and Senate Reps to ensure they do not De-fund the Libya operation
* created a $1.5 billion assets package to the National Transitional Council.

It is through this email that Clinton’s team reflects a list of reasons she was responsible for being the architect behind the overthrow of Qadhafi in Libya, which in turn makes her responsible for the consequences of these actions.

Side note.. the National Transitional Council is no longer in charge, and no one knows where the $1.5 billion Hillary pushed through for them to get has went.


All of these reasons listed all point to the ultimate consequence of allowing Hillary to run things. The eventual death of four Americans in Benghazi, including Chris Stevens, whom she appointed herself.

She took a lot of action to get what she wanted, and in the final hours of Benghazi that fateful morning, it was the INACTIONS of both Hillary Clinton and Obama that ripped out a piece of America, that can never be mended.

For this reason and countless others…

Hillary MUST be kept out of the White House.

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