HERE IT IS! The Winner of the First Debate Was Just Announced, And the Winner Is…

CNN news has claimed through polling that Hillary Clinton was the undefinable winner of the first general election debate. But others indicate otherwise. Snap polls show Donald Trump as the debate night winner. Talking points included the Birther movement allegations, the email controversy, and Trump’s tax returns as well as other things.

Look at some of the snap polls below. They include TIME Magazine, the Drudge Report, CBS New York, Fox 5, and News 2 Nashville among many others.

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Donald Trump took to Twitter to thank everyone for polling in his favor and for their belief that he won the debate. So far, Hillary Clinton has yet to comment on it. The CNN snap poll showed Clinton at 62 percent and Trump at 27 percent. Which is a very large margin considering most polls show he won. Thus, something nefarious has to be going on with that CNN poll. Or the pool of people polled is off.

521 people were polled by CNN but the network admitted the sample pool leaned more Democrat. Which would explain the results. Despite Clinton’s win in that poll the poll had mixed results as to whether or not the debate would make a difference in their voting. So even if she won in that poll that means the results do not necessarily indicate that people will go to the voting booth to support her.

Regardless of these apparent “winning” results, as Donald Trump would say, he has complained that the media network gave him a defective mic. That he should have brought up Bill Clinton’s infidelity. Even going as far as to threaten not to appear at the debate. Which is odd considering he apparently won.

With the election about a month away time is beginning to crunch and the candidates have less and less time to change voters minds. Let’s not forget that Julian Assange promised a few months back an October surprise release on Wikileaks that would destroy Hillary Clinton’s campaign. We all must wait and see.

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