FIGHT NIGHT: Cop Dukes It Out With Thug Student- Media Ignores This Video


You can guarantee this won’t make it out onto the lamestream media because it doesn’t fit the liberal rhetoric and their racist agenda. A black cop fighting a black student, their minds are blown…

The video allegedly shows a knock-down, drag-out fight between a black police officer and black student at Spring Valley High School where white police Officer Ben Fields was fired for flipping a black student out of her desk

The video shows the police officer holding the young, black male student, until the student demands he let him go so he can fight him.

The officer let him go before he got in the student’s face shouting,“do it, do it,” and both of them swung wildly at each other.

This incident occurred over a year ago — yet the media never showed it, not even after the Ben Field incident exploded across the headlines. (Top Right News)

 (HT Clash Daily)

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