Here’s a Picture of an Israeli Soldier the Media Will NEVER Report [PICTURE]


According to most mainstream media reports, Israeli soldiers are responsible for the deaths of Palestinian civilians, including children. Never mind that those civilians were put in harm’s way intentionally by radical Islamists looking to score a cheap propaganda victory with the aid of their dupes in the media.

In reality, the Israel Defense Force, which calls itself the most moral military force in the world, may be just that.

For example, whereas Hamas had this mentally ill Palestinian chained to a wall, this IDF soldier is treating him like a human being with needs like all the rest of us (H/T Young Conservatives):

IDF soldier

I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t look like the act of a monster to me.

Now, chaining this guy to a wall in the first place — that’s a different story.

Were some civilians harmed by the IDF during last summer’s conflict with radical Islamic terrorists in the Gaza Strip? Of course they were.

But there were also story after story — largely ignored by the liberal media — of both the IDF taking extreme measures to prevent civilian casualties — even going so far as to provide advance warning of their targets — as well as Hamas going out of its way to ensure that civilians were hurt — and gloating about it afterward.

Meanwhile, of course, Hamas fired rockets indiscriminately at civilian targets in Israel and dug an extensive network of tunnels to allow the radical Muslims to make attacks against such targets on the ground — includingschools and kindergartens.

It was clear from the beginning who was on the side of life and freedom in this conflict and who supported death and slavery.

Count most of the mainstream media, as well as the Obama administration, among the latter.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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