Here’s What Angry Christians Did When The City Banned Their Nativity Scene (VIDEO)


Residents in the small town of Dallas, North Carolina were disheartened when the Freedom From Religion Foundation won their demand to have a nativity scene removed from the steps of the town’s courthouse.

Instead of passively sitting back while their religious expressions continue to slowly be stripped away, locals decided to take action and stand up for the only reason for the season.

Protestors gathered at the courthouse, dressed as a living nativity scene and holding up signs to demand the display be returned.

“I love hearing the honks! It makes me feel good,” Brandi Rote told WSOC.

Rote admits she’s proud to peaceably assembly for her religious rights.

“I was here for six and a half hours yesterday,” Rote said. “My church had church our here, like we called all of our members and said ‘hey, we’re going to have church outside today. You know, today we’re going to have it out in Dallas.”

People dressed up in traditional biblical garb to portray the birth of Christ, which embodies the purpose of Christmas.

“People come by and wave and say ‘thank you,’ blow some horns and stuff like that,” said John Beaty, who owns a local auto shop.

Beaty was able to convince the city to move the nativity scene to his property, which is a block away from the courthouse.

“If anything it strengthens the community. And makes everything a lot better I believe,” he continued.

Here's What Angry Christians Did When The City Banned Their Nativity Scene

The demonstrators promise to continue to fight until the display is restored.

“My plan is just to stay here and hold the sign and just listen to what’s going on,” Rote told the news station.

Although the religious display was on public property, it forced no one to participate in or even acknowledge any particular religious beliefs. 78 percent of the nation identifies as Christian, a sweeping majority. Yet, the majority is disallowed to openly express their beliefs, taking orders from the 16 percent that refrain from religion altogether.

In an attempt to keep from even seeing religious displays, the nonreligious minority has overstepped their rights, refusing the majority the exercise of theirs.

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