Here’s FBI Photos Inside The Orlando Jihad’s House—Those Aren’t Christian Books…

It is the apartment where the killer responsible for the massacre of 49 people inside gay Orlando nightclub Pulse had been living and plotting out his horrific attack.

Omar Mateen had been living in Apartment 107 at the Woodland Condominium in Fort Pierce since he was divorced from wife Sitora Yusufiy in 2011. He was living there with the woman believed to be his current wife and mother of their three-year-old son, Noor Zahi Salman.

Daily Mail has obtained photographs inside the killer’s apartment, where investigators did a sweep on Sunday.

The walls of the apartment are adorned with photos of Mateen’s three-year-old son. Loads of toys including a Spiderman bicycle, toy trucks and Mickey Mouse posters can be seen throughout the two-bedroom home. 

What looks like a ceremonial sword sits proudly by the TV set in the living room and workout equipment sits in a corner. Mateen was known to be obsessed with his physique and had taken steroids.

The master bedroom has red sheets on the bed and a bureau is adorned with balloons, photos and bottles of a woman’s perfume.

Books like Muhammed: Who Is He and An Explanation of the Last Tenth with Crucial Matters in the Life of a Muslin are reading materials found in Mateen's home

Mateen had a autographed copy of Being Palestinian Makes Me Smile by Amer Zahr

A picture of a mosque adorns one wall. But most of the walls in the apartment have family pictures
A picture of a mosque adorns one wall.

 ';You never regret doing the right thing,' says one poster in Mateen's son's room 

'Little boys are just superheroes in disguise,' says one sign on the wall

Mateen had worked for G4S since 2007, the world's largest security company formerly called Wackenhut, which provides guards for US nuclear facilities

Her parents eventually intervened and the two separated, although their divorce wasn’t finalized until 2011.

After spending most of the day searching Omar Mateen’s Port St. Lucie home, cops and the FBI moved on to the custom-built four-bedroom home a couple of blocks of north on Bayshore Boulevard where his parents live.

Neighbor, Tony Schneider, a retired deputy sheriff told Daily Mail Online that Seddique and Shahla Mateen are ‘the nicest people in the world.’

‘They are very Americanized, he said. ‘Just very good neighbors. I have known them for six years and have never had any problems with them.

‘My heart goes out to them — of course if they were involved they can rot in hell, but I otherwise I feel so sorry for them.’

Schneider said that Seddique — who he knows as Sid — can often be seen in his yard and walking up and down the street. He said he did not know his wife nearly as well.

‘I believe he is in insurance, he has done well for himself and they have three daughters, all went to college, who I believe are in the medical field.

‘But I didn’t know the son. I saw his picture on television this morning and I recognized him, but he only came here rarely.’

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