Here’s What the Media Is Trying to Hide About the NY Cop Killer Ismaayil Abdullah Brinsley


Despite a first and middle name that would appear to give it away — or at least make people suspicious of it — the left-leaning American mainstream media is barely reporting  the truth about Ismaayil Abdullah Brinsley’s motivations for the execution-style killing of two NYPD officers.

Yes, Brinsley was a thug with a criminal history, as were Michael Brown and Eric Garner, making it easy for journalists to produce a narrative that Brinsley was motivated by a desire for revenge for the death of these two men because they were black men who died during confrontations with police officers.

Conservative writer Adina Kutnicki, however, said that Brinsley’s primary motivation was not revenge, but jihad.

Kutnicki cited a post from his Facebook page in which he showed an image of a page from the Quran that read, in part, “Strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah.”

Calling the murders a “poisonous morphing of Islamic jihad + race warfare,” she said they were the result of the communist policies of men like President Barack Obama and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio combined with Islamic violence.

She also claimed that Brinsley had formerly been employed by the Islamic Society of North America, which she described as the “top (Muslim) Brotherhood organ/umbrella in North America.”

She even hints at a possible link between “‘cigarette smuggling’ bandit” Eric Garner and radical Islamic terrorists, whom she said are often funded by the illegal sale of tobacco along the I-95 corridor on America’s east coast (H/T Joe for America).

And to that, I would add that it’s interesting the Brinsley seemed to be seeking revenge for one killing, not two — and that Brown had no connections to radical Islam (or at least none of which I am aware).

I’m not big on complicated conspiracy theories, but Kutnicki’s ideas make for interesting reading.

There are two facts that I have no trouble believing — that Brinsley was an Islamist and that the liberal mainstream media are failing to report that connection accurately out of political correctness, fear of retribution from radical Islamists or reasons of their own.

But, unfortunately, the media’s failure to properly cover radical Islam and its consequences in America is hardly news.

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