Here’s One Of Those Illegal Alien Rapists Trump Was Talking About


Well, looks like the speech Trump launched his candidacy with wasn’t so crazy after all.

While Trump was purposefully misinterpreted by the Left as saying that he thought all Mexicans were rapists and murderers, he was simply pointing out the fact that illegal immigrants tend to not be law abiding citizens. Heck, they’re committing a crime from the second they hop the border – how does anyone expect them to respect all our other laws?

As reported by Downtrend, here’s just one of those illegal alien rapists that Trump was talking about:

On Monday a 26-year old woman was asleep in her bedroom next to her boyfriend. 25-year-old illegal alien Adrian Sanchez Alvarez had been at the bar and struck out so he went looking for some companionship. Like any rational thinking person, he decided to break into a home in hopes of finding a woman to service his needs whether she wanted to or not. Amazingly enough, he found a victim.

The woman awoke with Alvarez on top of her, trying to rape her. Actually, he probably did rape her as, after the crime, she was taken to the hospital to gather evidence. In any case, she screamed, which sent Alvarez running. The woman’s boyfriend woke up, but it was too late; the rapist was gone. Somehow, Alvarez managed to take the woman’s phone with him on the way out.

As dumb as it sounds to try to rape a woman in a bed lying next to her boyfriend, it was the stupidity of stealing the phone that led to Alvarez’s downfall. Police were able to track him down and arrest him.

This story gets even crazier if you can believe it:

Using a translator, Alverez initially denied the allegations and told investigators he had been at a bar with a friend. He later allegedly admitted to going into the victim’s residence and getting in her bed while exposing himself.

When asked why he did not ask for consent from the woman, he said, “If I would have asked, she would have said no,” the report states. He also reportedly said he found the victim attractive because “she is a woman.”

Well there you have it – what an excuse. And liberals accuse Republicans of launching a “War on Women.”


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