Completely ignoring the resounding message sent by the American electorate in this year’s midterm elections, President Barack Obama embraced his inner dictator, violated the Constitution, bypassed Congress, and unilaterally declared amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

Of course Obama and his sycophants were quick to say that his executive actions weren’t exactly amnesty, and that Obama was only exercising “prosecutorial discretion.

But refusing to deport illegal immigrants, despite immigration laws on the books which call for such deportations, is essentially amnesty.

Obama is making no bones about what his actions mean, despite contrary official statements from the White House or his friends in the media, as he is going on record now to assure “ordinary” illegal immigrants that they won’t be deported anymore, even if they fail to register and jump through the hoops Obama allegedly set up to “legalize” the illegals, according to CNSNews.

Speaking about his executive amnesty to a crowd in Nashville, Tenn., Obama said, “So even if somebody didn’t sign up, they’re still much less likely to be subject to deportation. That’s because we’ve changed our enforcement priorities, in a formal way.”

Obama attempted to explain the new priority system that the Department of Homeland Security will be using to decide who will and will not be deported.

“And at the top are criminals, people who pose a threat, and at the bottom are ordinary people who are otherwise law-abiding. And what we’re saying, essentially, is in that low-priority list, you won’t — you won’t be a priority for deportation. You’re not going to be deported. We’re not going to keep on separating families.”

But those comments run counter to Obama’s original assertion that illegal immigrants would be required to fulfill a number of obligations in order to be eligible to have their deportations deferred, such as registration with DHS, completion of a background check, and full payment of back taxes, among other things.

It would appear that those requirements were simply stated for the purpose of quieting criticism, and allaying fears of a sweeping amnesty for all, which it increasingly appears is what we got, based on these latest comments from Obama.

Thankfully, Obama’s imperial actions have not gone unnoticed, and while Congress has decided to wait and address them later, more than half of the states have signed on to alawsuit filed by Texas against Obama and the federal government.

Obama is also being sued over his amnesty by Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and a number of sheriffs around the country have vowed to continue enforcing immigration laws to the best of their ability, for whatever good that will do.

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