Here’s The 8 NBA Teams That Are Boycotting Trump and His 4-Star Hotels

There has been a lot of rioting and protesting as a result of the election of President Elect Trump. Now it appears that some NBA teams are boycotting Trump’s businesses because they do not like the candidate.

Eight teams in total are refusing to stay at hotels branded by Donald Trump because they do not want to associate themselves with him or his brand. The Dallas Mavericks, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Memphis Grizzlies have all publicaly told the media they will be choosing other give star hotels to stay at that can host their entire team for road trips in the upcoming year. Now four other teams are joining in with him.

Mark Cuban who is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks has been a vocal opponent of Donald Trump famously endorsing Hillary Clinton and making headlines for denouncing the President Elect.

An anonymous team from the Eastern Conference has allegedly said they will end their contract with the Trump SoHo hotel located in New York City, New York at the end of 2017. They said the reason for switching lodging providers was because they did not want to be associated with the Trump brand.

The choice was made during Trump’s presidential campaign and they say it had nothing to do with the election. Over the summer they also changed certain agreements so that they could avoid staying at the Trump Tower in Chicago as well as the Trump location in SoHo.

This is not new. Famous fashion designers are coming out and refusing to dress Melania Trump because of her refusal to denounce her husbands comments and because she is Donald Trump’s wife. Others on social media have refused to purchase any Trump products because of what the President Elect stands for.

It is a free country and they have every right to do so.

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