Here’s the Brutal Message Jordan Painted on Their F-16s for ISIS


President Barack Obama might not be willing to display much of a commitment to destroy the radical barbarians who make up the Islamic State terror group, but thankfully there are some who are.

Among those are the determined pilots of the nation of Jordan, who recently saw one of their own horribly burned to death at the hands of the brutal Islamists. Now, they’re obviously ready for some payback. And who could blame them?

Dubai-based Al Aan TV reporter Jenan Moussa shared a pic (see below) of some Jordanian F-16 fighters whose pilots had a little message for their intended targets in the Islamic State group.

Jenan Moussa tweet

Written on the side of the aircraft in Arabic were the words “stepping on ISIS,” and we sincerely wish that these pilots get the opportunity to do just that (H/T WZ).

Jordan, which shares borders with both Iraq and Syria, has been concerned about the growing threat of theradical Muslim terrorists in control of large portions of those countries for some time.

Jordanian F-16s

That puts Jordan at odds with the Obama administration, of course, which is apparently more concerned with overcoming anti-Muslim discrimination at home and the leftover effects of the Crusades from centuries ago than dealing with today’s threat of radical Islamic terror.

In fact, no one in Obama’s White House seems even capable of uttering the phrase “Islamic terror,” leading any rational person to wonder how they plan to fight an enemy they cannot name.

Actually, it’s not that difficult to figure out. The truth is that Obama has no intention of actually engaging with radical Islamic terror in any meaningful way, so it really doesn’t matter what he calls it.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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