Here’s The Celebs Who Need To Pack Their Bags, Since They Promised America They Would!

Every election their are celebrities who insist they will move overseas if the candidate they do not like is elected. This divisive election is no different. Celebrities came out in droves to say they would move to Canada or elsewhere. Well, Donald Trump has finally won and now they are going to have to keep their word or show that they are just smoke in mirrors.

Among the numerous celebrities who promised they include comedian Amy Schumer and actor Bryan Cranston. Cher said back in June she would head to Jupiter if he won.

Comedian Chelsea Handler chimed in and even the now retired Jon Stewart.

Noted progressive activist and actor Mark Ruffalo commented. As well as famous singer and songwriter Katy Perry.

Other celebrities have been notably silent on social media refusing to post anything. Either in sheer disappointment or waiting for that final tally to come in. Hillary Clinton has yet to make a concession speech yet despite Donald Trump’s acceptance speech last night. Where he announced that Secretary Clinton had called him to congratulate him on his win and concede.

Clearly life is rough in the Clinton campaign if she refuses to face all her supporters. John Podesta said at 3am that all of the supporters in NYC should go home and wait until the results in the morning. As many have funnily pointed it, it was not the first time she shirked or responsibilities or ignored someone at 3am in the morning before.

Once she finally concedes we will likely here a influx of comments from notable politicians and celebrities. We have yet to see what Beyonce and Jay-Z have to say considering they hosted a get-out-the-vote concert for Clinton just this past week in which they endorsed her and encouraged millenials to vote for her.

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