Here’s The Chilling TRUTH About a Mosque Near The Ohio State Campus… Media Silent

The tragic attack at Ohio State University was one of the first terror attacks the country had experienced in a while. The man has been identified as an eighteen year old transfer student who attended the college. He had attained permanent residency as a Somali Muslim refugee. The attacker drove his car into a crowd of people before getting out of it and attacking innocent civilians with a machete.

People are curious if he has terror ties. His name was Abdul Razak Ali Artan and he was killed on the scene while charging at a police officer with his knife. It was just a few moments after his rampage that injured eleven total people./

It remains unknown if he was radicalized internationally or domestically. But a case from the Bush administration showed a suspect that was plausible that attended a mosque just less than a mile from the campus.

Back in the 2000’s Nuradin Abdi, Iyman Faris and Christopher Paul were all convicted and plead guilty to various terrorism charges as part of an organized terrorism ring at the Masjid Omar mosque. Located in Columbus, Ohio.

They attempted to attack a shopping mall in Ohio. While Faris tried blowing up the Brooklyn Bridge. Paul trained other terrorists to perpetrate bomb attacks on Americans overseas in foreign countries. Federal authorities from unknown agencies have alleged that Faris possibly met the infamous Osama bin Laden in 2000.

All three had gone to the Columbus mosque at some point. Lawyers for each one of the men told the media and conceded that there were others involved in their actions. Mahjir Sherif who was Abdi’s attorney told reporters back in 2007,

“There were nine or 10 people that knew each other and would meet each other. I’m sure with the government they are guilty by association.”

Faris’s lawyer David Smith said,

“A lot more than three performed in their jihadist group.”

NBC News recently reported just a few years back in 2014 that three different people who had attended the Masjid Omar mosque eventually went to fight for ISIS in Syria. WCMH-TV went straight to the source, the President of the mosque Basil Gohar. But Gohar denounced the idea that the mosque played a part or had a role in the attacks,

“We share the shock and horror of these actions, and we wish that we could have found out or stopped them. It’s quite unfortunate what these people went and did, but the fact they attended has no bearing on their actions. Anyone can come to our mosque. We have an open door policy. It’s not possible for us to screen someone’s ideology.”

Six people who were radicalized terrorists went to the same mosque in the span of ten years.Clearly authorities should look into whether the Ohio State University attacker attended events there. Six people is no coincidence. Something is going on in that mosque that is radicalizing these Muslim men. There is precedent and history that makes people believe something nefarious and troublesome is going on there.

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