Here’s the Incredible Move US Christians Just Made to DESTROY ISIS


They are doing what our President will not do, stand up for people who are being wiped off the map just like Hitler did. Only now we are not doing anything to stop it. 

Countless American Christians just made an incredible move to destroy the Islamic State group completely. They’re fed up with waiting for President Barack Obama and are now taking serious action.

American filmmaker Matthew VanDyke and his private military firm, Sons Of Liberty Institute, is contracting with Christians in the Middle East to help fight the Islamic State terror group.

VanDyke is an outspoken filmmaker turned foreign fighter, perhaps most notable for joining Libyan rebels in the fight to overthrow Moammar Gadhafi.

The Nineveh Protection Plains Unit is rallying Christians to unite against the forces of the Islamic State group to protect the northern region which Iraq’s Assyrian Christians and other religious minorities consider their ancestral home.

The NPU receives most of their funding from the American Mesopotamian Organization, an organization in California comprised of Assyrian Christians that claims to have contributed over a quarter million dollars to the NPU since December.

Most of the money raised by the AMO came from American donors, according to the group’s chairman, David Lazar, and is being used for food, clothing and “protection gear.”

In addition, the AMO claims to have hired a “top five” contracting firm “to provide risk assessments and possibly advanced training” to the unit, which has not yet seen combat, Lazar said.

The group has sponsored telethons on the Assyrian National Broadcasting satellite channel and received contributions “as high as $50,000 from one person.”

Assyrian-Americans like car salesman Joseph Baba have donated much of those funds. Baba, who donated almost $10,000 to the AMO, hails from Tehran but has lived in the United States since 2000.

Meanwhile, VanDyke has been getting both positive and negative feedback for his work in Iraq. Some believe that he’s trying to accomplish what our president won’t.

However, the Restore Nineveh Now organization denounces his actions and believe that he is exploiting the NPU to promote his own business. VanDyke acknowledges that his entire business practice operates in a “gray area.”

A U.S. State Department official issued a statement saying that VanDyke needs a license when defense services are offered. However, VanDyke isn’t concerned about what the federal government thinks of his work overseas.

“You know, I go and risk my life in other countries, why would I be all that concerned about that?” said VanDyke, according to Yahoo News.

We’ve done quite enough sitting around watching as the Islamic State group slaughters men and women in the Middle East.

If VanDyke’s company gets a little publicity as the result of his efforts, so what? At least he’s doing something to confront the evil that is radical Islam.

Which is more than we can say for the Obama administration.

—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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