Here’s the Sickening Reason Obama Refused to Visit the VA Hospital… Wow.


Americans have sadly reached the conclusion over the past six years that President Obama doesn’t really care about our men and women in uniform.

It has even been said that Obama would rather spend money on welfare and government handouts, than on our active duty military or veterans.

That allegation has now been proven, with photographic evidence, courtesy of the TPNN.

Obama was in Phoenix, Ariz. last Wednesday, to try to further indoctrinate some high school students into believing his progressive utopian vision for the country.

There were some who suggested that, while in Phoenix, Obama should visit the Carl Hayden VA Medical Center, the VA hospital at the center of the VA scandal, which is located mere miles from the high school Obama spoke at.

The White House claimed that Obama had no time to visit the VA hospital, because he had to leave immediately after speaking at the high school.

Unsurprisingly, that was a lie.  Obama didn’t leave Phoenix right away, and actually found time to do a phot-op in front of an FHA-funded house that had just been built in Phoenix.

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Surprisingly, he wasn’t on the golf course.  And this from the man who said he didn’t care about photo-ops.

Obama only goes to the places and does the things that he wants to do, where he himself, or one of his preferred programs, will be the center of attention.

Hence, we see him skipping the funerals of Margaret Thatcher and the American General killed in an insider terror attack in Afghanistan, or avoiding the major peace rally in France this weekend which was attended by dozens of world leaders and millions of civilians united in opposing radical Islam.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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