HEY, CNN: Charles Barkley Had THIS To Say About Trump’s ‘Locker-Room Video’

After Donald Trump’s lewd 2005 comments were leaked and he defended them as “locker room talk,” the media had a field day.

But it wasn’t just pundits and politicians calling out Trump for his 10-year-old remarks, athletes joined in on it.

NBA legend Charles Barkley is among those defending Donald Trump referring to his lewd comments as “locker room” talk. He was contradicting several professional athletes such as those quoted above, and LeBron James, who tried to pretend that locker room talk doesn’t exist.

As McClatchyDC reported:

“”I’m against any form of sexual assault or sexual harassment,” Barkley said in an interview with CNN. “But in the locker room, I’ve heard things and I’ve said things myself that I would not want to be repeated publicly.

“For people to act like they haven’t heard stuff in the locker room, I think is disingenuous.”

Barkley did not reveal what any of those conversations were about, but he is not the first athlete to pass up the opportunity to bash Trump. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady ignored a press conference question last week about whether he had ever heard language similar to Trump in a locker room.

Charles Barkley said that if he is going to vote this November, it’ll be for Hillary, but at least he isn’t basing his decision on something Trump said a decade ago. It’s more likely that he won’t vote at all, however.
For everyone bad that Trump has said, there are ten horrible things that Hillary (and Bill) Clinton has done. At least even a liberal like Barkley gets that. It’s very rare that a liberal is the voice of reason, but when the media is outraged over something so minor, it’s about time.

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