HEY CNN YOU MISSED ONE! Five Black Lives Thugs Attempted To Kill Police Officers In DC!


Five black people were arrested after opening fire on law enforcement officers in Washington, D.C. However, fortunately no injuries were reported as of early this morning. It came right after recent protestors over the police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille. Two black men from Louisiana and Minnesota.

Dustin Sternbeck who is a police spokesman spoke via telephone and said that police officers had responded to gunshots in the southeast section of Washington, D.C. Officers began to arrive in marked police cars when people inside of an unidentified SUV began shooting at them. Police officers at the scene returned fire at the suspect who then barricaded themselves inside of the vehicle.

The suspects were ordered to come out but refused to do so. After thirty minutes three woman and two men surrender and exited from the SUV. It remains unclear who fired the shots. An investigation is underway and it will seek to determined if those involved in the gun shootout were involved in other crimes before the officers had arrived.

These attacks have been largely unreported by the mainstream liberal media. No shocker their. The attacks also took place not one week after several police officers were savagely murdered by Black Lives Matter activists in Dallas, Texas.

In all likelihood these attacks are in connection with the deaths of the two black men and the protests by Black Lives Matter activists. But nobody is saying that yet because it isn’t the politically correct thing to say. These attacks are also not at all surprising. After the Dallas attacks on officers and the Obama administrations pandering to community organizers the Black Lives Matter members are surely going to continue their barbaric murderous rampage against all those in blue.

It’s unfortunate officers cannot even rely on support from their commander in chief.