HEY CNN You Missed One! White Cop Saves Black Man From Racially-Motivated Murder

Hey, Black Lives Matter, you missed a story.

If they really don’t want us to think they’re an anti-cop movement, you’d think they’d highlight police departments who do their jobs correctly. Instead, most seem to believe that the police are a systemically racist organization, where bad apples are the norm.

Whites are more likely to be killed by police than blacks, but BLM doesn’t seem concerned with that either. OK – BLM isn’t exactly concerned with reality, but I think that’s obvious by now.

They like to base their cause around anecdotal evidence, so here’s one for them that shatters their narrative of police racism.

Downtrend reports:

A white police officer in California saved a black man from being murdered in a hate crime. Not only is that “racist white cop” nonsense busted, but so is the idea that good guys with guns can’t save lives. It’s as if everything the lefties have been saying for the past few years is utter bullshit. Okay, it’s not like that; it is that.

Todd Johnson is a sergeant with the Santa Barbara Police Department. According to KEYT he was off duty on Tuesday evening enjoying a bike ride while blasting some heavy metal music on his mobile device. The State of California generally doesn’t allow people to carry concealed weapons, but because he is a cop Johnson was packing that night, and a good thing too.

Despite the loudness of his metal music, Johnson heard somebody dropping N-bombs and threats. He looked over to a bus stop and saw a Latino man arguing with a black man. The Latino man produced a large double-edged knife and lunged at the black man. Johnson dumped his bike and ran up with his gun drawn. He identified himself as a police officer and ordered the Latino man to drop the weapon.

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“Some of the words I used were fairly choice, but I could tell I wasn’t dealing with a rookie and I wanted to make sure he knew he wasn’t either,” said Johnson. “There’s always that awkward moment when this is either going to go his way or my way.”

Fortunately, things went Officer Johnson’s way. The Latino man dropped the knife and was arrested. The black guy, who hasn’t been identified, was unhurt and cooperated fully with the police investigation.

Well there’s a cop who thinks that black lives matter….. just like most of them.

The evidence is overwhelming that police make us safer. If groups like Black Lives Matter continue to wage war on the police, they’ll be unpleasantly surprised on the effects it has on black lives.

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