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A California school teacher who littered her Twitter account with threatening messages about her students was given a formal reprimand, but remains allowed to teach.


According to Mercury News, Newark Memorial High School teacher Krisa Hodges apologized after she was issued a written reprimand at the conclusion of a formal investigation.

“I already want to stab some more kids,” one tweet said. “Is that bad?”


“I am getting Starbucks for sure before school tomorrow,” another said. “That way I’ll be refreshed AND have something to dump on the little a-holes.”

“So happy to be done w/school for 10 days, but especially to be away from the ones who truly try my patience & make my trigger finger itchy,” yet another tweet said.



Her Twitter account has since been deleted.

Hodges told Mercury News that she did act “unprofessionally,” but defended her record as a teacher.

“Everyone knows I’m one of the most liked teachers on campus,” she said. “And that’s because I form meaningful and long-lasting relationships with my students.”

[pull_quote_center]“Everyone knows I’m one of the most liked teachers on campus.”[/pull_quote_center]“Everyone knows I’m one of the most liked teachers on campus.”

The school district learned about the tweets when one of Hodges’ colleagues flagged them.

Interim superintendent Tim Erwin told Mercury News he could not “get into any specifics as to any steps that were taken due to the fact that it’s a personnel matter.”

“The only thing I can say is we were made aware of it, and we followed our policies and procedures and that investigation has concluded,” he said.

Yet, some parents don’t appear satisfied with the school district’s punishment.

“If you feel that bad about your job and your students, maybe you should find a different career,” Stacy Kelly, whose children graduated from the school, told Mercury News.

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