High Schoolers Given “White Privilege” Survey, Parents Freak

Aloha High School in Oregon is pushing their progressive agenda to an all time high it is getting out of hand. They are requiring their students to write a white privilege essay. Now their parents are furious and complaining in every which way they can. This survey in all likelihood is one that only white students are writing because it would make no sense for a black or Hispanic student to write it.

One man, Jason Schmidt, says his son is being forced to write the essay and he and his son are not pleased at all. And he made sure the mainstream media knows it. He is quoted as saying that school should be about teaching and not some social experiment where liberal philosophy is indoctrinated into their students. Which is absolutely true.


He referenced the astronomical amount of taxes we pay to the school system. Saying that with this in mind teachers should focus on teaching on not brainwashing kids with the latest political fad. Beaverton School District said the only point of the survey and essay was to get kids talking openly and civilly about challenge and controversial topics. There are other ways of doing that without doing this survey.


It is unfortunate that our school systems are no longer focused on actually implementing skills for life that students could fruitfully use. Instead the school system has become a byproduct of the progressive agenda. Thus, parents can no longer feel safe sending their kids to school for fear they are not actually being taught but instead brainwashed.

Schools are not a meant to be tools of politicians but instead the conduit for which we create the next generation of workers. Shame on the administration and district for not adequately providing the education to our children they so richly deserve.

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