Hijab-Wearing Muslim Forced To Remove Her Covering Then They See What She Was Hiding!

A Muslim woman was caught attempting to steal from a store with her hijab. She tried going outside of the store with far more than she paid for and she was caught on camera no less! Apparently she forgot about the moral rules of her religion she is bound by.

A video posted online shows a hijab wearing Muslim woman being investigated by store owners for stealing merchandise and hiding it in her hijab. She is confronted and when she is she begins taking out difference pieces of merchandise from her hijab. Their were quite a few things she stuck in their too!

The owner of the store knew a specific item from the store that she had stolen. So he continued asking her where it was and to take out more and more until he saw it. Despite the stereotype that thieves steal expensive things you would be surprised at the things this woman stole. She pulled out detergent as well as cleaners from her scarf. Which is actually kind of sad. It would seem to show she is very poor and could not afford those seemingly cheap items.

The woman was eventually let go and allowed to leave the store but she left all of the stolen items behind. Despite the fact the police could have easily been called the owner did not do so. Which saved this woman from a world of hurt and likely prison time.

Watch the video here,

This incident is bad because crimes like these make people think all Muslims act like this. When in reality she was probably just a bad seed. She took advantage of her religion and the fact that she knew people would probably be less likely to confront her for fear they would be slapped with a discrimination lawsuit. She should be ashamed of herself.

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