HILARIOUS! 8th Grader Jack Aiello’s Presidential Candidates Graduation Speech


I think we may have a new contender in the Presidential race. Seriously, with Trump and Hillary’s unfavorability ratings as high as they are, I’m sure that many wish this kid was eligible to run for office.

WeaselZippers reports:

In Illinois eighth-grader earned laughs and cheers — as well as a diploma — when he graduated from middle school.

Jack Aiello, who graduated last week from Thomas Middle School in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, impersonated current and former presidential candidates in a speech to the school’s graduating class. Video of the speech has racked up more than 100,000 views in just more than a week.

‘‘We need a cinnamon roll revolution,’’ Aiello said in the voice of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

Aiello also praised the school in the style of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

‘‘Thomas has been such a great school,’’ he said. ‘‘Quite frankly, it’s been fantastic.’’

Listen to the entire speech here:

I think this kid is pretty hilarious. If he doesn’t have a future in politics, he’ll have a future in comedy for sure.


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