(RARE) You can’t credit MSNBC’s cast of talking heads with too much intelligence, but of all the performers in that circus, Al Sharpton is my all time favorite.

Like other MSNBC hosts, he’s social justice obsessed, he’s a rich guy that thinks the rich are horrible, and he doesn’t think critically.

But what sets Sharpton apart is that he’s completely unaware that he’s not show host material. We can see it easily. We’re pretty sure the producers can see it too, but getting rid of him would mean a whole lot of trouble from a man who loves to shout “racism.” MSNBC has to let him stick around and be an embarrassment.

How can he not be your favorite?

At least that’s my theory. He’s awful. You can hardly understand what he’s saying sometimes, he makes up words on accident, and then there are moments like these.

The Washington Free Beacon has compiled Sharpton turning the most innocuous phrases he hears into what I think he thinks is a “gotcha moment.” It’s classic Sharpton, and it’s moments like these that make me hope he sticks around MSNBC for a long, long time.

Keep leaning forward Al.

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