HILARIOUS Anti-Hillary Sign Flies Above The Crowd Below

Even the Democrats don’t want Hillary Clinton as President. With nearly 70% of Americans viewing her as untrustworthy, this may be the one time that Democrats are representing the beliefs of the American people.

Throughout the entire campaign, 30-50% of Bernie Sanders supporters have claimed that they would NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton in a general election. Many will simply stay home come November, or vote third-party. Refusing to vote at all, or voting third party helps Trump – and that doesn’t even include all the Bernie supports who will hop on the Trump train.

In fact, if you decided to torture yourself and tune into the DNC, you’d notice a surprisingly small amount of people openly supporting Hillary Clinton. Those protesting outside the convention are overwhelmingly Bernie supporters – and even those attending are too.

Via The Federalist Papers, it also appears that at least one pilot near the convention had a sense of humor (which I’m sure some leftists will be happy to brand “sexist”):


I’m not going to lie – I think Donald Trump should use this line at least once out on the campaign trail.

Unfortunately for them, Hillary Clinton is going to be defeated – but by Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton.

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