HILARIOUS: Obama Whines About “Voter Suppression,” Audience Instantly Humiliates Him

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Instead of joining first lady Michelle Obama in paying tribute at the funeral of former first lady Nancy Reagan this weekend, President Barack Obama went to the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

While delivering his SXSW keynote address, the topic of voting came up in Obama’s speech, specifically the notion of voter suppression, which actually drew a laugh from the crowd.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Obama proclaimed, “We’re the only advanced democracy in the world that makes it harder for people to vote.”

When scattered laughter emerged from the crowd instead of a round of applause, a momentarily stunned Obama insisted, “You’re laughing, but it’s sad.”

“We take enormous pride in the fact that we are the world’s oldest, continuous democracy, and yet systematically put up barriers and make it as hard as possible for our citizens to vote,” Obama continued.

He added that “it is much easier to order pizza or a trip than it is for you to exercise the single most important task in a democracy, and that is for you to select who’s going to represent you in government.”

While we can thank the glories of capitalism and the free market for the ease with which individuals can order a pizza or plan a vacation these days, neither of those have anything even remotely to do with the voting rights and responsibilities we have in our constitutional republic.

For the record, it is not exceptionally difficult for most people to vote, even in states with voter ID laws, as non-ID bearing voters are often given a provisional ballot and a chance to prove their identity afterward. Let’s not even mention the dramatic expansion of early voting, more polling locations, and absentee ballots in many states.

Democrats like Obama love to allege that the voter ID laws typically favored by Republicans are somehow “suppressing” the vote of minorities. But that ignores the fact that ID cards have become ubiquitous in our society for just about everything for everyone, including minorities.

Furthermore, Democrats have little room to talk about suppressing the vote, given their history of suppressing the minority vote when minorities used to vote for the GOP, or in light of their scandalous use of “super delegates” to ignore the will of their own party’s primary voters.

The attendees were absolutely right to laugh at Obama for making the fallacious claim that voter ID laws suppress the vote, as the only thing those laws suppress is the voter fraud corrupt politicians like Obama utilize to gain power.

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