HILARIOUS: Tosh.0 Takes on Stolen Valor (VIDEO)


From Controversial Times:  Comedian Daniel Tosh took on the phenomenon of Stolen Valor in the latest episode of Tosh.0.

The Comedy Central show, known for low-brow comedy and viral videos, showed how intense veterans get when calling out fakers and just how ridiculous the fakers are.

One fake, wearing an Air Force shirt, Army cover, and holding is Marine Corps wallet is called out with Tosh putting things into perspective:

“Air Force shirt, Army hat and a Marine wallet … f*** you, Navy, nobody wants to pretend to be a sailor!”

Then there’s the guy who claimed the EOD uniform he is wearing is simply because he had no other clean clothes. Tosh’s comment:

“See it was laundry day, he had nothing else to wear. … He didn’t even realize he was wearing a matching hat, shirt and pants until he received a free coffee at Starbucks.”

Of course, Tosh has been caught for stolen valor before… he’s just not very good at it:

Not a fucking PNG


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