HILARIOUS! Trump’s Anti-DEBBIE Video Is Funny As Hell! She Hates It So SHARE IT!

If there’s anyone sick of seeing Debbie Wasserman Schultz face, then it’s definitely me. I’m probably supported by just about all of the intelligent people in America too, so I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing her fact as well.

So is Donald Trump, but before Trump takes a break from looking at her conniving mug, he wants us to see an anti-Debbie video. It’s super funny, so be prepared to share it to your friends.

Clash Daily – Debbie Wasserman Schultz is catching major heat for her secret emails that have been leaked in a massive WikiLeaks bombshell.

Now, Trump is taking advantage of that to further expose Debbie for who she really is. This 15 second video is all you need to see how corrupt she really is

In just a short video, Donald Trump is able to summarize everything that is Debbie, Hillary, and the entire DNC. It’s all a mockery and joke of politics. They do things to attain jobs that would not normally be available to them. It’s very shady to say the least. What’s worse is not that they rig things to get their jobs, but that the people who stand behind them DON’T care about how illegitimate they are. Their supporters are sick in the head and have the intelligence of a mindless sheep who walks off a cliff to get shaven and turned into a coat.

There’s something seriously wrong with the mental state of liberals and democrats. I just don’t understand how they can get behind some people who are so unlikable or untrustworthy.

But, that’s just what makes them a liberal and democrat. They aren’t programmed to think logically.

They blame guns for crimes, but won’t call out a sick terrorist for doing things unthinkable to American people.

Not good.

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