(From TPNN)In order to get an idea of how Barack Obama operates as a “leader,” who must only look at his pitiful dodges when it comes to avoiding blame.

President Harry S Truman once adorned his desk with a slogan, “The buck stops here.” The simple motto meant that for right or wrong, blame would lay on his shoulder as the top of the political food chain of the executive branch.

President Obama’s motto appears to be, “Nothing is ever my fault.”

For years, Obama hailed himself as the great peacemaker- he who ended the war in Iraq. He removed the troops and left a power vacuum that has since been filled by radical Islamic terrorists and all of the work done and the lives lost in working to stabilize that region has been almost entirely undone.
Still, the video below shows a compilation of videos where the president praises his accomplishment of having ended the war in Iraq. Watch until the end and you will see exactly why Obama is a joke both domestically and abroad.

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