How This Hilarious Viral Video is Destined to Backfire… (WATCH)

If there’s any reason or way to get attention on social media, then leave it to a group of students to figure it out. High school and college students are at it again with their weird, wacky, and wild viral video antics. This trend isn’t violent like the knockout game, so we’re going in the right direction. However, there’s a good chance that teachers might use this viral trending video against the students!

Years ago we had the Harlem Shake where everyone acted normal for a few seconds, then there was an all out party that appeared out of nowhere.

Now it’s the Mannequin challenge where people in the video remain perfectly still, like a mannequin, and that’s it.

Literally. They don’t move. What they don’t know is that this video is destined to haunt any student who is a behavior problem.

Watch here.

Kinda funny, creative, and looks like a cool thing to organize and have some harmless fun, right?

Of course. Why not?

But what happens when one of the students is a behavior problem in class? You know, the type who won’t shut up or sit still? The kind of student who lacks parenting at home, so they cause chaos at school, refuse to learn, and end up protesting to raise the minimum wage instead of making a career for themselves?

Now the teacher can show them this video and say “you sat still and shut up for this, now pay attention and learn something” and the student won’t have much of a response, if any.

If you can sit and listen to make a viral video, then you can sit and learn American History or Algebra.

How can you film yourself perfectly still and expect a teacher not to see it when it goes viral on YouTube and social media?


Now the teacher’s have proof that you’re not some dopey student who needs medications, you’re just a jerk if you’re that putz throwing things and ruining class for the people who want to earn more than minimum wage after high school or college.

I think the Harlem Shake was a better, funnier, more outrageous viral trend. The mannequin is funny, but I don’t think it will trend very long. I give it a week or three.

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