Hillary Supporter Caught On Camera Defacing Historical Landmarks With Anti-Trump Graffiti!

Have you ever hated someone so much, that you vandalized a historical landmark to get your point across?

No? Me either! That wasn’t the case for this woman in LA who looks like a psycho-liberal reject Smurf.

MILO – Blue-haired Victoria Jayne Bay from Los Angeles has been charged with Felony Vandalism following the discovery of surveillance footage that allegedly shows her defacing four historical buildings with anti-Trump graffiti.

Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department originally picked up Bay on suspicion of carrying an open alcohol container in public.

According to the report, they “immediately recognized the suspect as the female sought in connection for spray painting and defacing several historical Los Angeles monumental landmarks.”

The damage – which was, interestingly enough, done using a can of blue spray paint – will cost roughly $9,000 to repair.

Deputy Kelvin Moody with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department described the graffiti as containing “vulgarities about Trump and other writings about the President-elect.”

A crime like this makes zero sense and no one reads it and changes their opinion on Donald Trump.

For starters, this liberal buffoon wasn’t smart enough to paint her graffiti on something stupid, like a light pole or a corner store in a bad neighborhood. Instead, she picks a Historic Landmark. That right there shows her absolute disregard for her community, her inability to process thoughts with logic, and her overall disgusting psychopath looking mug shot proves she’s a loony toon liberal maniac.

Instead of making herself look employable, I bet she’s the type who begs for $15 an hour instead of wearing something nice to an interview at a real job.

She looks like the type who will yell about men who ogle at women’s breasts, yet she’s the naked protester marching around with her nips out like she’s on a nude beach or CNN.

Typical leftist behavior.

They only care about themselves.

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