CROOKED Hillary Praises Cop Haters Beyonce And Jay-Z Who Drop N-Word Bombs All NIGHT!

Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrat’s love to point out how a Donald Trump presidency would be bad for our children, our grandchildren and especially our female ones. Pointing to his vulgar talks of women. Yet they go about their business in a highly hypocritical way. While Clinton takes issue with Trump’s vocabulary she had no problem getting on stage with singers Beyonce and Jay-Z and absorbing their endorsement at a get-out-the-vote concert where they sang songs all night while dropping the N word.

Hillary and her cronies are sooo concerned about the effect that Trump will have on all of our children yet she is ok getting an endorsement from a cop hating woman like Beyonce. Who did a Black Panthers inspired song and dance at the Super Bowl and invited the moms of deceased African American men killed by police to award shows.

How exactly does she rectify that mighty hypocrisy? Because either she is so oblivious she does not see the hypocrisy or she truly does not care. Perhaps they are ok with it by simply labeling it art.

Watch the following video as the democratic nominee praises Jay-Z’s performance which was laced with profanity.

Beyonce also had no trouble giving her #ImWithHer endorsement claiming it was because she wants her daughter to watch her country run by a woman. Too bad that woman is a corrupt, fear mongering, pay to play, con artist who also happens to be a murderer and a liar. Is that really the role model you want for your daughter?

Perhaps she should teach her daughter instead to vote based on who is best for the job instead of whether the person is a man or a woman. Because her statements are dare I say it… sexist. Voting for Clinton because she wants a woman running the country.

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