HILLARY Calls For White People To Change after 5 White Cops Gunned Down In Dallas (VIDEO)

When I was younger, I’d hate things. Things like black licorice, green beans, and mean people. My Mother would always tell me, that hate is a strong word, and dislike would be better. I have listened to her advice for the most part. With one exception.

I HATE Hillary Clinton.

After watching this video, I honestly feel even if she does not get back into the White House, I wouldn’t be able to stand being on the same planet as her!

She has gone too far. 5 Police Officers have given their lives to protect those that hated them, they have sacrificed their lives with family, friends, and accomplishments… for what? For Hillary to turn around and act as if they are nothing but road kill?

What you are about to witness Hillary saying on video is going to infuriate you far more than anything else she has said in the past. This is the woman who left 4 of our Nation’s heroes behind to die. The same woman who has deceived Americans time and time again. Yet, there she sits at the head of her game, running for the highest office in the land.


Just days after 5 officers made up of U.S. veterans and fathers were shot and killed, Hillary went on camera and said the most disgusting comment she could have possibly thought up, to pander to the African American community. It’s enough to make you vomit.

The senseless deaths of Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Lorne Ahrens, and Michael J. Smith, mean nothing to her. In fact, she’s not even thinking about them at all. Her spoken concern is of the members of Black Lives Matter, and their feelings. The very people for which these Officers were killed for.

Watch the video, I dare you not to punch a hole right through your screen.

In response to this massacre and to two unresolved shootings of black men earlier in the week Hillary Clinton called on white people to put themselves in the shoes of a black person.

I feel it’s necessary to apologize to the families of these fallen heroes. Apologize for the filthy scum that has somehow found a way to take human form and go by the name Hillary Clinton. The families of these Police Officers deserve better, just as the families of our 4 Benghazi heroes do.

There is no difference between putting Hillary Clinton into the White House or the devil himself. She will be the death of America.

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