Hillary Campaign Panic-Stricken After Footage Surfaces Of Hillary Going on ‘Racist’ Rant

Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has continuously flip flopped on her stance on issues over the years she has taken a very “open-minded” approach to politics lately and tried to be as “inclusive” as possible. Which means for her calling out Donald Trump as a racist, xenophobic bigot who hates black, LGBT, and hispanic people. Oh, and I forgot, women. However, a video from her past has resurfaced and exposed Hillary once again for exactly the type of person she is. A hypocrite of the highest order.

The video shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton speaking on the same issues at difference times. Donald Trump in the present and Hillary Clinton in the past. Hillary Clinton’s statements on things such as illegal immigration at the Mexican American border are remarkably if not identically similar to what Donald Trump is saying this election.

But then again, she had to pander to Bernie’s supporters after she stole the race from him. And in order to do that she had spew the progressive propaganda about Donald Trump being a xenophobic bigot. Watch here,

Some of the clips go way back thirteen years to 2003. The latest of the clips go up to last year. In one very recent clip she bragged about building a barrier to make sure illegal immigrants stay out of the United States! This was within the last year.

The video shows Clinton disparaging the Mexican government.  Saying that violent criminal aliens should be deported. Even referencing that they called it a fence versus a wall. Yet one of her biggest critiques of Donald Trump is his policy of creating a wall along the Mexican American border and his hard line stance on amnesty and illegal immigration.

It is very simple. The explanation for what she did is not hard to understand. When he stole the election from Bernie Sanders she made a deal with him. Part of that deal means supporting her and encouraging his supporters to vote for her come November. She in return had to change her tune on tuition free college and taking a harsh stance on calling Trump out as a xenophobic bigot. Because her attacks have only gotten worse in the general election. Typical Hillary Clinton. It’s no longer crooked Hillary it’s flip flopping Hillary.




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