JUST IN: Hillary Campaign Releases STATEMENT On ‘Medical Episode,’ Voters RESPOND

In the middle of a September 11th remembrance mass democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was whisked away after suffering a medical episode in which she appears to have collapsed after having an “overheating spell.”

The campaign was initially quiet about what was going on until shortly later a spokesman released a statement about what happened.

The campaign released the following statement,

Megyn Kelly posted a perfect response on Twitter that completely rejects anything the naysayers might say. Indicating their was no reason for her to have a fainting spell.

If Hillary Clinton was so sick why did she not go to a medical facility or a hospital? Instead she was sent to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment. Which leaves people wondering, what was she trying to cover up? People have been saying for some time that Hillary Clinton is suffering from unknown medical issues. Her being sent to her daughter’s place instead of a medical facility certainly verifies the sentiment she is trying to hide whatever medical disorder or problem she has.

Read some of the responses here on Twitter,



It is abundantly clear Hillary Clinton has some type of ongoing medical issue. This is not the first time she has had problems similar to this in public. She was photographed entering an FBI interview leaving a car with a wheelchair. Another time, her body man was found holding a diazepam seizure pen in his hand. In another instance, she had a coughing fit on an airplane when speaking to reporters.

On numerous other occasions she’s seen on television stopping and pausing when speaking for extended periods of time. As well, she seems to at times have seizure like facial mannerisms that are odd and strange at best.

The Clinton campaign cannot deny anymore their is a problem. But they certainly will continue to do so if the past is any indication of the future.

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