Hillary Campaign Leaks SICK Video Of What Hillary Was Planning To Do To Trump During Live Debates

Disrespect is not something that we’re not unfamiliar with in conjunction with Hillary Clinton. Disrespect for human life, disrespect for our nation’s laws and certainly disrespect for any and all conservative politicians.

Hillary’s absolute disdain for everyone except for her chosen few became the worst kept secret of the 2016 campaign. She wanted to give off the impression of a loving and caring person, but in reality, she was known to call mentally disabled people horrible names, and treat her staff like dogs. Her distain for anyone and anything not on her approved list was something that she did her best to keep under wraps, but that those close to her just accepted.

Unfortunately, when something like this goes on for a long period of time, the people close to it forget just how socially unacceptable it is. Hillary tried to excuse her hatred for people in all sorts of ways. She claimed that President Trump was misogynistic and against her proudly held feminism, which is why she didn’t want anything to do with him. In reality, it seems a lot more likely that she was just being an entitled jerk.

Via The Blaze:

“A 2016 debate-prep video has surfaced showing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton jokingly practicing how to avoid hugs from then-Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Philippe Reines, a Clinton operative who helped her prepare for her debates with Trump during the 2016 election, posted a video Friday on social media showing Clinton practicing ways to gracefully avoid a pre-debate Trump hug.

In the video, Reines, pretending to be Trump, greets Clinton on stage for a friendly embrace. Clinton reacts by grabbing Reines’ hand and then running away. Reines chases Clinton, jokingly hugging her as she tries to escape.

Reines released the video, which he called a ‘favorite moment from debate prep,’ on Twitter alongside text that read, ‘Not easy to avoid the unwanted Trump hug, sometimes it even takes practice.’

Although the woman in the video appears to be Clinton, the quality of the video isn’t good enough to be sure. One Twitter commenter asked Reines if the video shows Clinton herself or a stand-in, to which he responded, “That’s her, in the flesh.”

Reines said the video was taken Sept. 24, just two days before the first presidential debate, which was held Sept. 26 at Hofstra University in New York.

At the beginning of the the second presidential debate, held Oct. 9 at Washington University in St. Louis, Clinton and Trump neither hugged nor shook hands.”

I’m not sure what she was so worried about. The two weren’t exactly chums by anyone’s way of thinking. Hillary may have disliked a lot of people, but the fact is that the feeling was mutual to those that she’d screwed over in her time in the public’s eye. For all of her crying foul about President Trump and his infamous (and, might I add, unproven) help from Russia winning the election, there’s an excellent chance that she’s deflecting.

There’s a particularly interesting idea that if there was election tampering by Russia wouldn’t have been done as a pro-Trump initiative, but an anti-Hillary one.

Via Daily Caller report:

“U.S. intelligence overheard a Russian operative brag about targeting Hillary Clinton in the upcoming 2016 presidential election as payback for an “influence campaign” the former secretary of state ran against Vladimir Putin five years earlier.

Senior intelligence officials told Time that a Russian military intelligence officer with GRU said his group “was going to cause chaos in the upcoming U.S. election” to “pay Clinton back for what President Vladimir Putin believed was an influence operation she had run against him” during Russian elections.”

Well isn’t that all kinds of fun. I guess sometimes the only thing stronger than your support of a candidate might be your hatred for them. President Trump definitely shook up the election scene in the 2016 cycle, but I’m convinced that his win was only about 50-60% about people loving him and the other 40-50% about the nation being scared spitless about having Hillary in the oval office.

So, in other words, all Hillary’s practice might have been for nothing. I’m not sure that she had anything to worry about in Trump wanting to hug her. The shrill, feminist insinuation isn’t doing her any favors, considering she’s putting herself up against Melania in people’s minds. I think we all know who wins that competition.

(Source: The Blaze)

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