BREAKING: Conservative Leader: “Hillary May CANCEL First Debate”

Hillary Clinton has had one (extremely brief) press conference in the past three hundred days, and those who’ve expressed concern over her health have linked the two together. Could her refusal to take questions from the press have to do with her health problems? There have been cases in the past where she’s frozen up as protests broke out at one of her speaking events.

Whatever her issue is, she doesn’t want to put herself under too much stress. As we learned on September 11th, even 77 degree weather is too much for the woman to handle.

If there’s a major stressor that’s about to smack her in the face anytime soon, it’s the Presidential debate scheduled for next Monday. If the debate is anything like the Republican Primary debates, Hillary is going to look like a deer in headlights as Trump annihilates her. Able to use her pneumonia diagnosis as an excuse, many insiders are no expecting Hillary to skip out on the first debate.

As the Young Conservatives report:

The first debate should easily break some ratings records.

It’ll be a fireworks show to be certain, so get ‘cha popcorn ready (#TOforTheHallOfFame).

With Hillary seen as increasingly sick and unfit to become president, Gateway Pundit is reporting that she may bow out of the first debate altogether.

A conservative leader wrote The Gateway Pundit Wednesday morning to share this news:

Hearing smart guys say that Hillary may cancel the debate on Monday … Hillary may be trying to run out the clock because she thinks she is ahead.

WHOA. If Hillary truly doesn’t attend, it’s not going to make her look any better. She’ll appear even more weak and feckless than ever before.

This news comes as Hillary’s lead is slipping in the polls. Nationally, she only has a 1.1 point lead now according to Real Clear Politics, which is the closest the two have been in the polls since Trump’s post-RNC lead.

Most voters already want Hillary to release her health records, and if she skips out on the first debate, those concerns are only set to solidify. The Hillary Clinton campaign may be on the verge of committing campaign suicide, which, ironically, is what our country needs to survive.

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