Hillary Caught Exploiting Louisiana Flood Victims To Raise Money For Herself!

President Obama and Hillary Clintonhsve been criticized in the press vociferously for not going down to Louisiana in aftermath of these devastating floods. President Obama was pictured golfing in Martha’s Vineyard while Hillary Clinton was pictured schmoozing the wealthy one percent at a $27,000 per plate function. Needless to say the American people and of Louisiana are none too pleased.

She was also caught red handed in her shameful behavior. The evidence of which has gone viral. It is an emai from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook. Look below,


While at first glance it appears a nice and compassionate plea the donate now sign completely belies the meaning of the email. The optics of this is not good. Whatever their intentions may be. The image is that Hillary Clinton is trying to profit off the tragedy of the victims of the flooding. Does she sit at home thinking, how can I profit of the flooding in Louisiana?? Probably not.

But she certainly is taking advantage of it now. Even Donald Trump and Mike Pence went down to tour some houses ruined by the flooding. They spent hours handing outs goods and supplies during the flooding. No cameras, no news stations. The videos that went viral were from personal cell phones. They did not turn it into a media circus for the benefit of their campaign. Which is admirable and incredibly strategically smart.

Watch below,

Before she has even been elected Hillary Clinton is showing she is woefully unprepared to take on the challenges of being President of the United States. I am no Donald Trump fan. Picking between the two is like picking between Lord Voldermort and Dolores Umbridge. But at least the Umbridge in this case has the where with all to have some momentary compassion and give back.

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