Hillary Supporting Thugs Destroy Christmas Display in Chicago! (VIDEO)

Cop hating protesters in Chicago reportedly destroyed a Christmas display because they were angry about a police shooting that happened in 2015.

Gee, you really showed that tree you were serious!

I am 100% certain that Chicago might have the most stupid protesters to ever protest. The cop shooting probably took a criminal off the streets, which is important in a town like Chicago where crime runs rampant.

But let’s waltz around and act like the educated protesters we are!




I’m shocked these maniacal uncivilized putrid animals didn’t light the tree on fire and burn a baby Jesus on the spot.

If I am mad at police, then I am TALKING to the police and expressing my frustration in a way that someone might actually listen.

Does anyone EVER listen to protesters?

No. Protesters are right up there with child molesters. They’re sick, stupid, evil individuals who always look good getting rammed by someone’s car.

I know it’s inhumane to laugh at videos of protesters getting ran over, but sometimes they just deserve it.

Watch this video of the protesters destroying a Christmas decoration and literally make NO sense at all.

Imagine what it’s like taking your kids to walk around a park and see the Christmas displays and some group of ingrates decides to get “turnt up” and trash the place.

Really cool, right?

Makes you want to join the NRA and shop for guns, then run a petition to the White House for permission to shoot protesters who cause damage to public property.

Hopefully someone called the cops and these idiots were all pepper sprayed and arrested. Even better, maybe a few of them “fell” on the way to the station and broke their neck like Freddie Gray.

Merry Xmas, losers.

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