CRICKETS FROM LEFT: Hillary Clinton Just Referred To Barack Obama As A Muslim (VIDEO)

Mrs. third term baby murder abortion herself, Hillary Clinton, referred to Barack Obama as a Muslim at a charity dinner and the left sounded like a room full of crickets.

I know liberals and leftists don’t generally have a sense of humor (or brains), so if Hillary Clinton mention Obama-Boy as a Muslim, then this fell on epic deaf ears.


This wasn’t a joke. This was truth hidden in a poor attempt at humor. This was Hillary Clinton telling the truth disguised as a poorly timed joke. There was no laughs from the left, or the right, because people associate Obama as a Muslim.

Do you think Hillary called Obama a Muslim because it’s true?

Or was Hillary’s comment nothing more than a lousy joke because she simply can’t tell a joke if a comedian showed her cue cards?

Conservative Outfitters – NEW YORK – Hillary Clinton created controversy Thursday night during a white-tie charity dinner in Manhattan. Clinton was speaking at the Al Smith dinner to benefit Roman Catholic charities. Hillary made a joke asking How will Barack get past Donald Trump’s Muslim ban?’. President Obama maintains he is a Christian.




Did someone write this for her? It wasn’t that good. Or if it was good, then her delivery wrecked it like a third term abortion being yanked with forceps. It was painful to laugh at this, but I think if Louis CK told this joke, then we’d be laughing.

What does this say if Hillary became President? Will her delivery of everything give us four awfully boring and abysmal years of dreck? Most likely.

Another four years of Obama would have people telling Hillary jokes to themselves until they go deaf.

Four years of Hillary Clinton would equate to four years of Muslims ruining America with their gang-rape and child marriage traditions plaguing our beautiful country.

I don’t care for her terribly delivered jokes or her as a President, which is why I have a reaction to Hillary Clinton calling Obama a Muslim.

However, the leftists don’t seem to care or acknowledge it.

Most of them are brain damaged.

If Hillary wins, then I’m just listening to this for four years.

Lord help us all.

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